Unlimited mining tool

600 - 2400


150 - 350

243 - 778

15 - 21

Sand mining or hydro power dam maintenance dredging has no depth limit when the DOP Dredger is used. The wire-suspended DOP submersible dredge pump is lowered to the required depth, maximising the mixture concentration which in turn boosts the dredger’s production. The pressurised jet water ensures a constant flow of sand and silt to the suction head. Additionally, the modular dredger can be dismantled into components that stack easily into standard containers, making it possible to reach the most remote areas.

Available options:
Production measurement
Position visualisation
Communication & navigation package
Discharge hoses
Floating & land pipe line


Key figures


Overall length
15 - 21 m
7.35 m
Depth pontoons
1.8 m
Total weight
32 - 50 t

Engine installation

Power pumpshaft
80 - 360 kW max
Total installed power
243 - 778 kW
Hydraulic power pack
252 - 972 I/min
Jet water pack
125 - 900 m³/h
Fuel tank
5 m³

Dredge installation

Dredge production
600 - 2400 m³/h
Dredge pipe diameter
150 - 350 mm
Max head
3.2 - 5.3 bar
Max dredging depth
-50 m

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