From purpose-built to auxiliary mission adaptability

Multi Role Auxiliary Vessels

Multi Role Auxiliary Vessels

The common theme running through the MRAV series is the provision of a basic platform offering reliable and cost-effective multi-role potential and survey capabilities. The Multi Role Auxiliary Vessel (MRAV) allows Navies to switch from traditional one-to-one replacement of single purpose built ships to compact mission adaptable auxiliaries.

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Multi Role Auxiliary Vessels

Robust and versatile

The largest version of the range is able to operate worldwide, on the ocean as well as in littoral waters. This ship has additional capabilities such as disaster and humanitarian relief, oceanography and naval training support.

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The introduction of flexible concepts allows as many functions as possible to be included in the vessels’ scope without reducing the effectiveness and capacity of the fleet.



A modular platform is inherently flexible. This allows naval clients to better react to changes in the mission environment. Modularity also has implications for the cost of ownership; the lifetime of an individual vessel can be efficiently extended by upgrading capabilities with new equipment modules that are not integrated into the original design.



The modularity of the mission modules plays a major part in the process. This is achieved by combining the capabilities of specialised ships in one vessel by using add-on equipment modules. These can be fitted inside standard 10, 20 or 40 foot containers or have the footprint of a container.


Commercial off-the-shelf equipment

The MRAV range is commercially built and also uses commercially available components. This is made possible because of the vessel's non-combatant role. Using robust commercial off-the-shelf equipment reduces the total cost of ownership without reducing the quality.

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