Unique diesel-electric submarine


The RNLN is the proud owner of four Walrus-class diesel-electric submarines. These domestic built submarines are unique in their performance. They are ‘expeditionary’ which means that they are able to carry out missions far from home, long lasting, autonomous and independent. The Walrus-class submarines are well dimensioned for a long endurance, but quite small by comparison to e.g. nuclear submarines; this also makes them suitable for operations in coastal, shallow waters. They are internationally considered one of the best in its class.

Replacement programme

Dutch-Swedish cooperation

In the coming years, the Walrus-class submarines will reach the end of their lifetime and replacement is expected. Damen has teamed up with Saab Kockums to be ready for this replacement programme. The team foresees a unique and substantial role for national research institutes and the Dutch naval industry; not only for the newbuild, but also for decades of maintenance and lifecycle support.

Unique balanced collaboration

Damen & Saab Kockums

Together, Damen and Saab Kockums represent centuries of naval engineering experience and have delivered hundreds of naval vessels and submarines. This truly international cooperation will lead to a submarine with Dutch DNA, fully tailored to the requirements of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence and the RNLN.

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The new expeditionary submarine

This is what the project would look like – and how it would benefit the naval industry of the Netherlands.
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Why Submarines?

A brief history of the conventional submarine. What’s the value of operating modern conventional submarines? They play an active role all the way through from peace time to times of conflict, protecting civil society.

A Boost for Dutch Defence and… the Economy

The fact that the men and women of the Royal Netherlands Navy deserve only the best of the best when it comes to the selection of a successor to the Walrus-class submarines is beyond doubt. However, the award of this contract is also a unique opportunity to simultaneously achieve a number of important objectives.
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